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Selling your home can be a stressful endeavor. Luckily for you, Gary Bartlett has compiled his 2022 Seller’s Guide to give you the advice of an experienced professional and ease the stress of trying to find when and how to sell your home. In this guide, you will learn from a range of topics that cover the state of the market, when to sell, how the market trends have been recently, and where they will head from here. Enter your information in the form below to be emailed the 2022 Seller’s Guide. Gary Bartlett’s guide has helped dozens of home sellers in their quest for getting the best deal for their property, and he can help you too!

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6 Simple Steps to Sell Your Home Fast

Step 1: PAINT & CARPET Paint is your best improvement investment for getting a greater return on your money. Paint makes the whole house smell clean and neat. If your house has chipped paint, exposed wood or the paint looks faded, it is time to paint. If your carpet is worn, dirty, outdated or an…

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20 Tips for Preparing Your House for Sale [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some Highlights: When listing your house for sale your top goal will be to get the home sold for the best price possible! There are many small projects that you can do to ensure this happens! Your real estate agent will have a list of specific suggestions for getting your house ready for market and…

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A ‘Buyer’ in Hand is Worth Two in the Bush

In today’s highly competitive seller’s market where there are more buyers than there are homes for them to buy, some sellers may feel like the ball is in their court. And they would be right when it comes to choosing which offer to accept, the closing date, or even which improvements they are willing to make…

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